Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ambassador's Dinner

Soooo I had the wonderful pleasure of attending a dinner hosted by the US Ambassador for Malaysia. I will just do a short post with pictures about the night.

 Random highlights of the night:

  • His house was BEAUTIFUL. 
  • I was asked to sit at the VIP table with the Ministers of Education.  They  were really formal and asked me a lot of questions about America. They are really excited to have the Fulbright English Teaching Assistants in Malaysia. 
  • There was tons of press there!
  • I had a great conversation with the Public Affairs Officer, Bonnie Gutman, from the US Embassy about her job and her experiences working for the US State Department. She has served in 6 different countries through out Africa and the Middle East.  She really loves her job and how she can help foster positive opinions of  America throughout the world.  
  • The Ambassador was really nice and I got a chance to talk to him for a little while.  His name is Joseph Yun. He has three kids and a wonderful wife. She was really sweet and surprisingly knew alot about North Carolina. 
  • I tried this Malaysian dessert which consisted of: bean sprouts, corn, shaved ice, coconut milk, strawberry flavoring, and red beans. Not my fave dish of the night but YOLO. lol

Some of the ETAs along with Ambassador Yun

Ambassador Yun

USA Public Affairs Officer Bonnie S Gutman (center)

When I get stable internet and a stable home (instead of hotel hopping out of my suitcase), I will update you guys more thoroughly.  Sorry for the delay, guess that how it beeeez some times. =]

Toodles Until next time

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